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Recent Posts

Repeat Volunteers

Survey: What Motivates People to Become Repeat Volunteers?

This report outlines the most effective employee volunteer retention incentives to encourage volunteers to participate longer.


5 Ways to Prevent Common Nonprofit Accounting Errors

Nonprofits have an accounting error rate 60% higher than that of publicly traded corporations. This article describes strategies that can reduce common errors.


Should You Get a Master of Public Administration (MPA)?

We spoke with the heads of top MPA schools to learn who this graduate program is intended for so you can figure out if it’s right for you.


How to Turn One-Time Donors Into Repeat Donors

We surveyed 2,833 people to find out the type and frequency of outreach they prefer when nonprofits ask them for a second donation. Here are the results.

Submitting a Vote

The Secret to Landing Corporate Donations

Corporate donations can provide your organization’s mission with much needed exposure. Here are four steps to successfully solicit company donations.


Expert Roundtable: How to Choose the Best Crowdfunding Platform for Your Nonprofit

With hundreds of available crowdfunding platforms, how do you know which one to choose? We asked six experts for advice.


How to Get Your Nonprofit Board on Board With Your For-Profit Venture

Learn three big things you need to communicate to your members of your nonprofit board to show them that adding a for-profit venture is a smart decision.

The One Fund

Lessons Learned From One Fund Boston: How to Crowdfund on Social Media to Raise Money

Crowdfunding helped The One Fund Boston raise over $20 million in less than a week. Here are five simple tips you can use to successfully crowdfund online.

Social media cube

What Is the Real Value of Social Media for Nonprofits?

True engagement with your nonprofit is about activating your social media network to take the next steps: engage, volunteer, give.